Asphalt, Cationic potassium humic acid compound anti-collapse agent

Upload time:2022/3/25 14:36:30

Quality indicators and technical requirements: this product is also known as cationic asphalt powder, is a complex of different components, black powder, can be dispersed and dissolved in water, both oxidized asphalt and cationic humic acid dual function.Its mechanism of action is inhibitory with oxidized asphalt and cationic potassium humic, namely water soluble part, and oil soluble part.The quality indicators are as follows:


Use: This product belongs to asphalt and humic acid composite shale inhibitor and temporary plugging agent, has filling formation pores and cracks, prevent well wall collapse, inhibit shale and clay hydration expansion and dispersion, and has the effect of reducing high temperature and high pressure filter loss and lubrication of drilling fluid, can be used for water based drilling fluid, its amount is generally 1.5-3.0%.

Packaging and transportation: this product is packed with lined plastic bags and external moisture-proof brown paper bags.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.Prevent sun exposure, moisture prevention and rain in transportation.