Modified sulfonated asphalt FT-342

Upload time:2022/3/25 14:46:35

Quality index and technical requirements: this product is a black powder, soluble in water, aqueous solution is weak alkaline, with potassium humic acid and asphalt dual action.Because the sulfated asphalt components in the product contains sulfonic acid base, strong hydration, when adsorption on shale surface, the hydration of shale particles, at the same time, insoluble in water part can fill the throat and cracks, and can cover the shale interface, improve the quality, improve the lubrication of the mud cake, reduce the friction resistance of drilling and stabilize the well wall.In the drilling fluid can also play a role in reducing the high temperature filter loss of high pressure, is a kind of plugging, collapse prevention, lubrication, resistance reduction, inhibition and other multifunctional drilling fluid treatment agent.The main quality indexes are as follows:


Use: This product is a shale inhibitor of asphalt and potassium humite, which can control mud shale hydration expansion, dispersion, block formation pores and cracks, prevent formation collapse, reduce the loss of high temperature and high pressure and improve the lubrication of drilling fluid, good compatibility with other treatment agents, can be used in water-based drilling fluid.The general additional amount is 1% -3%.This product can be directly added to the drilling fluid, in order to ensure uniform dispersion, you need to control the adding speed.

Packaging and transportation: this product is lined with plastic bag, plus moisture-proof kraft paper packaging bag, each bag net weight of 25kg, stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.Prevent sun exposure and rain in transportation.

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