Introduction of oxidized asphalt powder products

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Introduction of oxidized asphalt powder products

Product performance: This product is a black evenly dispersed powder, difficult to dissolve in water, the softening point of most products is 150~160℃, the fineness of 0.9mm sieve for 85%.After the oxidation of asphalt, the content of bitumen increases, and the content of gum is reduced, and the softening point increases.Different oxidized asphalt products (120~200℃) can be prepared with different raw materials and through the control of oxidation degree.Oxdized asphalt powder is solid particles containing polar groups on the surface, which can be dispersed in hydrocarbon dispersion medium with surfactant.In oil-based drilling fluid, oxidized asphalt powder has a dispersed phase, in addition to the effect of reducing and filtration loss, but also to consolidate the well wall, resistance reduction and suspended barite.Because the oxidized asphalt powder is amphiphilic, it can also be used in water-based drilling fluid, which can increase the lubrication of the filter cake and have an anti-sticking effect.It can plug the filter cake pore and adjust the bond force between the solid phase particles in the filter cake, and has the filter loss reduction and collapse prevention effect.But these effects are closely related to the nature of oxidation asphalt and softening point or oxidation degree, we should pay attention to the choice when using.

softening point ℃

Asphalt content %

Gum level %










The collapse prevention effect of oxidized asphalt is mainly a physical effect.It can soften deformation under a certain temperature and pressure, when under enough high temperature and pressure, asphalt is softened and squeezed into shale cracks or pores, shale adhesion together, asphalt can also cover the shale surface, form a dense and resilient film, not only continued the drilling fluid filtrate to the shale internal seepage, and the erosion of drilling fluid played an ideal barrier effect, thus sealing the crack.Within the softening point, with the increase of temperature, the filtration loss and cracking capacity of oxidized asphalt increase, and the effect of stabilizing the well wall is enhanced.However, after exceeding the softening point, under the action of the positive pressure difference, the softened asphalt will flow into the depth of the rock crack, so it can not be blocked again, and the effect of stabilizing the well wall becomes worse.Therefore, when choosing the product, the softening point is an important index, should make its softening point and the treated well well temperature is similar, the softening point is too low or too high will greatly reduce the treatment effect.

qualitative index:





Asphalt softening point





Suspension performance

Plasticity viscosity / (mpa.s)


Fineness (0.9mm sieve allowance)%


Dynamic shear force / pa


Calcium oxide content%


Filter loss / ml


Use: This product is a physical blocking shale inhibitor, with lubrication effect in water based drilling fluid, high softening point asphalt can also be used in water based drilling fluid high temperature and high pressure filter loss agent.Adding adhesive agent, reducing filter loss agent and suspension stabilizer in oil-based drilling fluid is also an important component of oil-based decoding agent.

Packaging, storage and transportation: This product is lined with plastic bag, plus moisture-proof cow leather bag or plastic woven bag, each bag with a net mass of 25kg.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, limit the stacking height, and prevent agglomeration.Prevent exposure to the sun, high temperature and rain proof in transportation.


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