Cationic emulsified bitumen for drilling fluids will take you to understand sodium bitumen sulfonate

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A brief introduction

Shandong Qingzhou Tianyi Chemical Co., sodium asphalt sulfonate Ltd. The cationic emulsified asphalt for drilling mud is made of modified asphalt and various surfactants through special technology. The positive charge of micron-sized asphalt particles is easily adsorbed to the negatively charged solid particles. , participate in the formation of the filter cake, improve the quality of the filter cake, the micron-scale cationic shale corrosion inhibitor can penetrate the micro-cracks in the well wall, adhere and aggregate, resulting in blocking, blocking, swelling, collapse, water loss, protection oil and gas layers. The technical requirements are as follows:






Black viscous liquid

Solid content%


Softening point (Evaporative residue)/℃


Median particle size /μm


Oil solubility %


Relative inhibitory


2. Suitable range and characteristics

1. This product is suitable for oil and gas well development of various water-based drilling fluids, but not for deep wells.

2. It is resistant to salt, calcium and magnesium, and can be used for drilling and completion mud in fresh water, salt water, saturated salt water and sea water.

3. Can effectively reduce water loss.

4. It has a good protective effect on oil and gas layers, reduces the spalling and shedding of hard and brittle shale, and has good compatibility with other treatment agents.

3. Usage and dosage

Yego mozhno dobavlyat' neposredstvenno sodium asphalt sulfonate v tsirkuliruyushchiy shlam ravnomerno v zavisimosti ot nedeli tsikla, a rekomenduyemoye kolichestvo dobavleniya sostavlyayet okolo 2-5% ot kolichestva tsirkuliruyushchego shlama.

194 / 5,000

translation result

It can be directly and evenly added to the circulating sludge according to the number of circulation cycles, and the recommended addition amount is about 2-5% of the circulating sludge.

4. Notes for use

1. Directly add the weighting pump or mud tank, do not pour it into the pit.

2. The product can be stored in the top bucket for a long time, stirring evenly or rolling.

3, the product pay attention to freezing.

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