Low softening point bitumen powder for drilling fluid takes you to understand oxidized bitumen

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Introduction of asphalt powder with low softening point for drilling liquid




Black oily particles

Drying loss %




Oil soluble content%


Oil and water insoluble content %


Softening point ℃


HTHP filter loss (30min)/ml


Product performance and quality indicators: oxidized asphalt This product is black particles, which can be dispersed in water. The main quality indicators of the product are as follows:

Uses: This product is a low softening point bituminous shale corrosion inhibitor and temporary agent. It can be embedded oxidized asphalt in irregular wall cracks to control shale collapse. It is a water-based drilling fluid system, and has a collapse effect at the same time, reducing high temperature and high pressure filtration loss.

Packaging and storage: This product is lined with plastic bags, wrapped in moisture-proof kraft paper bags, and stored in a ventilated and dry place, protected from moisture and rain.If you have any other questions, please contact us foroxidized asphalt  details or contact us directly。

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