Powder detergent

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Quality index and technical requirements: this product is a black and gray free flowing solid powder, a mixture of different components. The solution dispersed in diesel oil has the characteristics of good lubrication, low filter loss, thin mud cake, good rheology and good temperature resistance, and can exist without block and failure for a long time.The prepared decoding solution has high decoding efficiency and good stability under high temperature and high pressure. It can be matched into various density decoding solutions by mixing with diesel oil and water.It has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient preparation.The main quality indexes are as follows:


Use: for deep well, complex well and oil failure.In use, the product is first prepared on site or factory, the solution configuration process is: add diesel oil in the distribution pool or tank as base liquid; evenly add solution agent in mixing, fully mix evenly; add appropriate amount of water to form oil wrapped water emulsion; when needed, add aggravating agent to the appropriate density.

Packaging and transportation: this product is packed with lined plastic bags and external moisture-proof brown paper bags.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, and control the stacking height to prevent agglomeration.Prevention of days in transportation

Sun and rain to prevent high temperature.

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