Solid lubricant

Upload time:2022/3/25 14:59:52

Quality indicators and technical requirements: this product has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, no fluorescence, obvious friction resistance effect, less dosage, and no adverse effects on the performance of drilling fluid.Moreover, it does not affect the dynamic and static forces of the drilling fluid and has good compatibility with various fibrous and mineral mixtures.Solid lubricant can be firmly adsorbed on the drilling tool and the well wall rock surface, thus improving the friction state between the friction parts, reducing the friction, when adsorbed on the well wall, can close the microhole, thus reducing the loss of drilling fluid and protecting the reservoir.The main quality indexes are as follows:

Implementation standard of this product: Q / SY 1375-2011


Use: used as drilling fluid lubricant, can improve the lubricity of water-based drilling fluid, reduce torque and drag, and prevent differential pressure stuck drilling, the general dosage is 0.5% -2.0%.This product can be used alone or compatible with other lubricants.

Packaging and transportation: this product is lined with plastic film bag, external plastic woven bag or moisture-proof kraft paper bag packaging, 25kg each bag.Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.Prevent moisture and rain in transportation.

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